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Merry Month

Posted on 05/2/2008

In the merry, merry month of May! When you were in school, did you ever dance around the Maypole? I wonder if many school teachers still have their classes carry out our old spring-greeting ritual?

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My heart

Posted on 04/29/2008

When I was a young girl—in many ways it seems like yesterday—mental time has a flow of its own—the day came for me to leave my beloved North Dakota farm village home.

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Glad You Liked the Cookie

Posted on 04/25/2008

Hello to all! Welcome to Spring! Late this year, but beautiful. I love the invigoration of soothing weather. Not as much as I love healthy eating, but close, close, close.

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Mission To Improve

Posted on 04/22/2008

Thanks for the many affirmations. We’re very glad to be helpful. A few have written asking that we change our basic approach. It’s heartbreaking to turn anyone down, but we simply can’t accommodate “convenience” changes. Perhaps’ today’s answers to your continuing questions and comments will explain.

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I Want You To Have Results

Posted on 04/18/2008

Wow! What a great response from you all! Thanks! NutriSystem must be nervous in the (dis) service! So here are some more of your questions I wanted to answer. I think we’ll be doing this next week too.

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A Personal Response

Posted on 04/15/2008

Hi! Thanks for your many comments and questions. It’s so important to me that people understand Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating program. In my heart, I believe that when someone gets to know us, they get to love us. It’s been proven many times. Sometimes I forget we can only say so much in commercials. And it costs so much money to advertise!

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Smile. And Be Happier

Posted on 04/11/2008

When I started Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating almost 23 years ago, I didn’t have the vaguest idea about the quality and quantity of management required for the production of large numbers of healthy, tasty meals. Here is the basic question that has one answer at one time and another at another: how to coordinate a variety of specific tasks; all the while--by the way--doing our utmost to maintain our perfect delivery record.

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The More We Notice Love

Posted on 04/8/2008

Another week! Now I’ve been alive for more than 3,900 Sundays. And counting. My husband Kelly can claim more than 4,000. I’m hoping we both reach 5,200. Why not? Healthy eating!

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Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating: Standing for Honesty

Posted on 04/4/2008

Preparing for this blog, I paid much more attention to the internet than ever previously. It’s utility is mind-boggling. And mind-expanding. However, I was dismayed to learn that thieves abound.

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Welcome to My Very Own Blog!

Posted on 04/1/2008

Most of my life, the internet was science fiction. The ability to electronically interact with the world would have certainly changed my childhood. I grew up on a farm and in a North Dakota village. We were a universe unto ourselves. I'm not sure I'd want to change that.

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