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Facts About Sugar

Sugar essentially comes in two forms: Natural and Added.

Natural Sugars

Natural sugars, like the ones found in fruit, vegetables, honey, all-fruit juice and milk, are healthy and should not be avoided. 

Added Sugars

Added sugars such as those found in desserts, sodas and candy should be limited in the diet. 

There is a lot of confusion about sugar, but natural sugars are not harmful to our health. Added sugars are not healthful and should be eaten in moderation.

Unfortunately on nutrition labels, these different types sugars are combined to show only one number. Soon enough however, the nutrition labels in the U.S. will require food manufacturers to differentiate between natural and added sugars

SSHE and Sugar

The sugar content on the SSHE nutrition analysis comes from a variety of places including natural sugars in fruit and vegetables, natural sugars in honey and juice, natural sugars in milk and added sugar in some desserts.

Currently our nutrition labels do not differentiate sugars, because the manufacturers we purchase products from do not provide this information as of yet. However, soon the food manufacturers will have to distinguish between natural and added sugars therefore we will be able to do so too.

SSHE provides several servings of fruit per day, along your own added 2 servings of milk per day, which is where the majority of these natural sugars are coming from.