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Pregnant Women & New Mothers *

Do you know what you need to eat to keep yourself and your baby healthy? We do.

Proper nutrition is of the utmost importance when you are pregnant or a new mother. It is important to achieve the proper weight during and after pregnancy while staying nourished and promoting your baby’s growth and development.

Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating program meets your needs for proper nutrition and weight control, understanding that you have more important things to worry about than preparing fresh, healthy meals every day of the week.

Staying Healthy

Pregnant New Mother BlockquoteAs a pregnant woman, you are responsible for your own weight and your child’s nutrition and development. Gaining the proper amount of weight is key for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Gaining too much weight increases the risk for gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and gestational hypertension and premature birth and high birth weight. 

Returning to your pre-pregnancy weight while staying healthy and supporting your infant’s health after birth, especially if you are breastfeeding, is imperative to a healthy lifestyle for you both.  Eating a balanced diet with the right, fresh ingredients will help you to gain energy and increase your mobility.

SSHE, The Convenient Solution

Losing weight can be challenging when you have a new baby in the house. Because taking care of yourself and a new baby might leave you too exhausted to plan meals, shop and cook, you might not be actively thinking about the nutritional value of all of the meals you are consuming. SSHE makes maintaining a healthy weight easier by taking care of everything for you. We plan balanced menus and deliver freshly prepared meals – including fresh fruit, vegetables and salads to your home. You receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day of the week, with convenient pickups or deliveries twice each week, through our local stores or National Home Delivery.

Real Ingredients, Real Peace of Mind

Our healthy meals are free from:

  • Trans fat
  • Harmful additives and preservatives
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Artificial food dyes and sweeteners
  • Poultry containing hormones and antibiotics

We also limit fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium in our meals.

Each of our meal plans are rich in essential nutrients, such as vitamin A, which is an essential nutrient for your baby’s immune system and brain development. Our menus also contain omega-three fatty acids, which help you have a better heart health and help your baby with optimal brain development during pregnancy and lactation. Additionally, each meal has its own nutrition label and list of ingredients, so you know exactly what you are feeding you and your baby.

Since a new baby is such an important part of your life, it is important you focus your efforts on a happy, healthy lifestyle. That includes controlling your weight and providing your body with the right nutrients. We encourage you to consult with a registered dietitian or your healthcare provider who specializes in nutrition for pregnant women and new mothers, and see how our meals can help you.

If you are ready to get started with SSHE, order one of our traditional or vegetarian meal plans now by clicking on the “Order Now” button!

For more information, or if you have medical-related concerns, please call Paula Heaton, BSN, RN at 817-689-0265.