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Slim Down Contest 2010

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In our inaugural year of hosting a weight loss contest in 2010, we selected 10 dedicated people in and around Chicagoland that lost a total of 372 pounds in a mere 14 weeks. We were successful in achieving our goal and helping 10 people achieve their personal weight loss goals.

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Lives were changed and health was greatly improved by everyone involved, including those who placed as the top three winners:

  • 1st Place Winner: Paul Q. lost a total of 53 pounds and his blood pressure improved from 166/118 to 121/81. He also greatly improved his total cholesterol going from 247 to 190 and his triglycerides went from 142 to 59.
  • 2nd Place Winner: Linda R. lost 33 pounds and her blood pressure dropped from 165/107 to 125/78.
  • 3rd Place Winner: Tim G. lost 69 pounds and his blood pressure went from 197/89 to 140/85. His blood sugar went from 120 to 92 and his total cholesterol dropped from 183 to 128.

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