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Sean M.


Name: Sean M.
Health: Weight Loss

Lost 40 pounds!

"I think about what I am choosing to put into my body because of what SSHE taught me."

Being on SSHE was an eye-opening experience. In 15 short weeks, I lost almost 80 pounds (@ 25 more than I actually planned… but the competition pulled me in to lose more and the program made it easy.) At the end of the competition, I weighed less than I did 30 years before as a teenager! It was a “re-learning” experience related to portion size and food choices. We all know what we should eat but choose otherwise because of the complexity of having the ‘right stuff’ available…or the will-power, or whatever excuse we choose that day.

SSHE made it easy to know what to eat because they provided only what I should eat and in the amount I needed each day (to actually LOSE weight), so it took the thought and complexity out of the equation for me. It actually simplified my life even though I worked on the road every day because I took my meals with me and was not tempted to do the easy ‘drive-through’ which was why I gained so much weight in the first place. I had tried other plans before without success. (food preparation and hassles were still present in other programs…and everything was packaged or processed.)

I still struggle with fitting in the physical activity on a routine basis but I have been able to maintain a much healthier weight with the ‘on the job’ training that SSHE provided by giving me only what I should eat. I learned by doing…and now make much better choices than I did two years ago. I still weigh 40 pounds less than I did 2 years ago by making better food choices. My waist is 36” two years after SSHE while I was squeezing into 44” before the program. My health is good and risk factors from being obese have gone away. I no longer drink soft-drinks daily nor do I eat the fast food that routinely found its way into my mouth! I think about what I am choosing to put into my body because of what SSHE taught me.