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Karen & Jeremy N.

Name: Karen & Jeremy N.
Hometown: Minnesota
Health: Weight Loss

Lost 140 pounds!

"The beauty of SSHE is that it’s all figured out for you."

We started SSHE after trying some of the food from my friend. She had some great success with your program and told us how easy the program was. We decided it was time to make a clean break from what we had been doing (or not doing) and try to lead healthier lives.

At age 33, and after 3 years of marriage, we were starting to discuss the possibilities of starting a family, but my body was definitely NOT healthy for me and certainly not in a healthy state for pregnancy. Both Jeremy and I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and I was diagnosed back in 1999 as being close to type 2 Diabetes due to weight.

Since 1999 we have gained and lost 20+ lbs here and there. We’d start something, but it wouldn’t last and slowly but surely we grew. Gaining weight is never something that just happens overnight, it happens over time.

Don’t get me wrong – we are completely happy being who we were. I’ll love Jeremy no matter what size he is and I know he’ll feel the same about me. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about health and wanting the person you love to be around for as long as possible to share the wonders of this life together.

At the peak of our weight gain, Jeremy at 280 lbs. and me at 265 lbs. we started SSHE with hope of losing 20-30 lbs by the end of the year. We would be completely proud of ourselves and hopefully learn a few things along the way about portion control and that eating all foods (not just proteins) can be healthy and help you lose weight.

I learned that I had anxiety from trying to decide what to make, not having enough time or energy after a long day at work and that we ordered take out A LOT!!!

Don’t let me fool you. I eat chocolate or some sort of candy DAILY! I just can’t live with out it, but it may be only a handful of M& M’s or a mini chocolate bar.

The beauty of SSHE is that it’s all figured out for you. Yes, we go out and treat ourselves and it has taken us a year to get our minds in the right places about eating out.

Together Jeremy and I have lost roughly 140 lbs!!! (That’s a whole person.) We used to complain about needing a king size bed and now our queen bed seems completely ample. At 70 lbs lost each, we feel tremendous, and never in our wildest dreams believed that we would lose over 30 lbs.

I can’t tell you enough how thankful we are that your program came into our world. Trust me, if a pizza lover and candy lover can manage it, anyone can.

Karen and Jeremy