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Con C.


Name: Con C.
Hometown: Indiana
Health: Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss

Lost 35 pounds!

"The Seattle Sutton Diet has helped me to improve my life both physically and mentally."

I started the Seattle Sutton Diet right after my total hip replacement surgery. When I visited my cardiologist two months later, he was very surprised and pleased with my weight at that time. His records showed that I had lost 20 pounds in the three months since my last visit. I had dropped from 250 pounds to 230 pounds. What impressed him even more were the results of my associated blood test that showed my total cholesterol had decreased from 279 to 146 during this same time. Also, my total triglycerides had fallen from 707 to 198 over this period. In addition to the medications I was taking, he asked me what changes I had made and I told him about the Seattle Sutton diet. He told me to keep up the good work!

I saw this doctor again in just over three months and this time I had lost another 15 pounds and my total cholesterol was down again - to 136. The total triglycerides had also fallen some more - down to 183. Again, the doctor was very pleased with the results.

Being a Type II diabetic, I also monitor my blood sugar on a regular basis. My average daily readings before I started on the diet were in the range of 120 to 140. After being on the diet for three months, the readings were averaging between 100 to 110. My regular doctor reviewed all of my readings and allowed me to cut back on my blood sugar control medication.

Another result of loosing the weight is that I feel better and have more energy.

Since I have not been able to exercise very much because of my surgery, I have to credit the Seattle Sutton Diet with th.e majority of my weight loss and improved blood analysis results. When I am well enough to start walking again, I know that I will lose even more weight and hopefully maintain control of the blood analysis results.

The Seattle Sutton Diet has helped me to improve my life both physically and mentally and I strongly recommend to everyone.