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Project Real

Project Real

Follow a REAL couple, Angela and Steve from Brooklyn Park MN, on their six month journey to better health!  They’re eating fresh, locally prepared REAL meals from Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating for six months, and we’re journaling their results along the way.  

Seattle Sutton’s offers a REAL, nutritionally controlled and guaranteed meal plan and proven, REAL results.

Join Angela and Steve today and let the Seattle Sutton’s team of nutrition professionals do the work for you!



“Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating food IS REAL LIFE.”  



“I don’t think I could have predicted how much the nutrition would affect everything else in your life.”



“It’s about progress and it’s about owning the decision to make progress.” 



“We are living proof that you can do it…that regular people can do it.”



“I’ve been trying to out-exercise a bad diet for 10 years, and it can’t be done.” 



Twin Cities Live - the big Project REAL Reveal!



Way to go, Steve! We can't wait to see your continued progress! 
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We are SO proud of the progress that Angela has made!
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Drumroll! Final results are in!  
See how Angela and Steve from Brooklyn Park have transformed their lives:



We're so excited for the Grittons’ big reveal! In the meantime, click the green "view their story" button above and go back and take a look at where they started!

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"It's about growing and learning and- and that's what I've taken away."   -Steve


"The reward is the exercise. And my body is slowly starting to recognize that. And so instead of walking out of a class or being done with a work out and being completely exhausted, I'm energized now."  -Steve Gritton




Eyes Opened About Sugar

“If we feel so good eating healthy, real, protein and food that sticks with you in the morning, why would we not want that for our children?” 


#Project REAL

“In this world where we are supposed to have everything figured out and we're supposed to be super mom, and do it all ourselves, this is a way that we can kind of off source…you know, get someone else to help us.  We're delegating.  We're asking an expert to figure this out for us and do it.”


#Project REAL

"Seattle Sutton's has been absolutely the way to go. To teach me and our family about portion control, to teach us about what a healthy, nutrient-balanced meal looks and feels like. To see it on your plate. To see the different colors, to see the size of the protein, to see maybe how little (simple) carbohydrates and bread you actually need. I think that has been what we’ve needed so much of."


#Project REAL

"Can I afford this?  That's one of the biggest things I want to share with people.... is that this is accessible!"    


#Project REAL

"I'm just a regular Joe. If I can do it, anyone can do it."


#Project REAL

“My message for people at home who are considering making a change is that this is an accessible reality. This is something that I think anyone can do. The biggest change that Steve and I made is that we DECIDED we were going do it.”



Great physical changes happen when we eat healthier!

Take a look at what Steve has noticed: 



Halfway through Project REAL, Angela reflects on her experience so far:



47 pounds down after 3 months.  Now this is what we call progress!

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The Grittons have officially reached the halfway point in their 6-month journey. Watch what they've achieved in just 3 months!


#Project REAL

Angela and Steve are halfway through their journey with Project REAL. They stopped by Twin Cities Live at KSTP TV this week to give a sneak peak of their progress!  Check it out here.

Grittons On Tcl Oct 3 2016



Three months into the Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating meal plan, Angela and Steve have lost over 95 pounds combined! 

“We’re doing the same exercise, doing the same life, stress, work, everything [as before]. The only change that we’ve made in the last three months is the eating.”    -Angela Gritton 
Food Before After



“I think eating healthy food and nourishing your body is taking care of yourself and creating an example. An example for other women and men, your children, my husband, to say, "Hey I'm important enough to take care of myself.”

I take care of my kids, I take care of my husband, I take care of my house. My job, everything…all the T's are crosses and I's are dotted. Then at the end of the day, it’s just me, and I don't want it to be me and some piece of cardboard pizza. I want it to be food that is nourishing me and enabling me to get out there and make positive change in the world and do the things that I love and am passionate about.”                           -Angela Gritton



Crushing goals and fitting into smaller jeans - we are so proud! 


#Project REAL:

“The reason that Angela and I signed up for this is because it's a real thing, we're-we're real people, we've got real kids, we have real problems, we live in a real crazy world..."  -Steve Gritton



85 pounds down! We are so proud of Angela and Steve and can't wait to show you their progress pictures. Stay tuned! 

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“As we have been adjusting to life with two young kids, our eating habits have just gotten worse and worse. And I think Seattle Sutton having the convenience, being able to know that it's a balanced diet...that I don't need to crunch calories, and figure out fat and fiber (etc.), has been amazing. It really has fit into our crazy lifestyle. The meals have made me feel confident, and made me feel calm...that I didn't need to be anxious about how many calories here, how much protein here…that it was already figured out for me.”   -Angela Gritton


#ProjectREAL Update: “30lbs down and no signs of stopping, even with a pot roast mistake.” – Steve Gritton, Brooklyn Park, MN

Steve I Learned The Hard Way Post Aug 17



"If I continued the way that I am now, I wouldn't be able to do anything with my kids.  They're young enough now where I can make a few excuses and sit down, but when they're older, they're going to see and understand that, well, dad can't do that, and that's not okay with me. I want to be the dad that's out there, rolling around on the ground with them all the time, going to all of the ball games, and the choir concerts and all of that stuff, and I want to be in front row.  I don't want to be weighed down, and feeling frustrated about my weight, feeling ashamed about my weight."
Steve is now down over 30 pounds and well on his way to feeling confident about being in the front row!  It's happening, and it's REAL.  #ProjectREAL



Healthy eating is “not necessarily taught, it’s caught.” 
Angela and Steve Gritton are down 30 pounds each! We're so proud of them and the positive example they're showing their kids. 


#ProjectREAL:  The Gritton's are getting healthy eating REAL food!  Are you inspired?  

"I think the biggest reason why Seattle Sutton's is the right partner for us in this journey is because we wanted to eat real food. It didn't need to be a bar, or shake or something that you only did for thirty days and then you did something else and we needed something that was real, that we could keep up with that we could share with our kids, that is gonna lead us somewhere after six months of doing this, not just leave us."

"Yeah, and that fit into our lifestyle, and our lifestyle is crazy between work, daycare, school, work for you, and all kinds of after school events. We need something that is quick and healthy and real, and that's why we like Seattle Sutton's."


‪#‎ProjectREAL‬:  Who Knew New Jeans Would Be So Cool?
"I really needed to buy new pants this week. The old ones were past the trendy baggy. I haven't worn a size 38 jean in 5+ years. Yep I guess I am starting to see a difference. So close to minus 30 lbs.... SO CLOSE!" -Steve Gritton

Steve Blog Cover Photo


#ProjectREAL: Just 5 weeks in, Angela has lost 25.1 pounds and Steve has lost 23.6 pounds! 

Congratulations on “taking control, choosing to be healthy” and being that great role model for your kids, family, and peers! 

Angela is taking control, are you ready to do the same?


“You can’t out-exercise all that junk food… and we were sure trying to.” –Angela Gritton

This was the Grittons’ regular weekly diet before ‪#‎ProjectREAL‬. See what they have now learned: http://bit.ly/29CHlYb

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‪#‎ProjectREAL‬ update: Yesterday you met Steve. Steve has struggles. Steve is honest. Steve is persistent. Steve is strong. Steve is changing. Steve is awesome! Steve talks here about his amazing progress (and struggles) this past month.

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#ProjectREAL Profile: meet Steve from Brooklyn Park, MN! 

“I just want to be healthy and I want to be able to play with my kids and not sit and watch them play. And, I don't want to be that 40-year-old dad that's 300 plus pounds, that's just not me. I want to make sure that I'm eating healthy and that I'm giving my kids the best possible role model…”

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#ProjectREAL Profile: meet Angela from Brooklyn Park, MN! 

“21 days to change a habit – well I have 38 years of bad habits. So I think 6 months, hopefully, will just be able to wipe some of that out. It’s gonna start a clean slate for me, and for our family.”

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The Grittons are "in it to win it together!" Are you joining them for‪#‎ProjectREAL?