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Tips for Self-Improvement Month

Posted on 09/6/2016


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Rene Ficek, registered dietitian nutritionist. September is self-improvement month and a healthy diet is a big part of any successful care plan. Proper nutrition has been linked to better emotional, physical and cognitive health. Healthy eating can be difficult at times but with a few simple tips, you can improve your eating habits and your overall wellbeing. 

Eat Smaller and More Frequently

This can prevent you from getting too hungry, which can lead to over eating. This approach also helps keep cravings at a minimum. 

Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is associated with reduced problem solving skills, lower energy and decreased motivation. Plus, eating breakfast helps manage hunger and food intake throughout the day. 

Go For Variety

Aim for a variety of foods and let color be your guide. Ideally your daily menu should include a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables to make sure you're getting a balanced mix of healthy nutrients. 

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