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Spring Cleaning Your Diet

Posted on 05/10/2018


Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rene Ficek, registered dietician nutritionist. 

Spring is finally here, and if you are anything like me, then spring cleaning and organizing is underway. Use this opportunity to clean your kitchen to encourage healthier eating.

Keep Fruit on Your Countertops

First off, countertops. Keep a bowl of fruit within view at all times. Research actually shows that those who have fruit bowls on display, consistently eat more fruit than those who do not.

Use Clear Containers in Your Refrigerator

Use clear containers in your refrigerator. If we can't see our fruits and vegetables, then they go to waste. Store chopped fruits and vegetables in clear containers, and keep them at eye level so that you can easily find them in the fridge, so that they're always looking more appetizing and act as a constant reminder to eat me.

Use the FIFO Method (First In, First Out)

Use the FIFO method. It stands for first in, first out. Whenever you bring home new food, pull all the older food to the front of the freezer or the fridge or the pantry, and put the new ones behind. This prevents waste and can act as a motivator to continue to eat healthy.

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