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Read Beyond The Labels

Posted on 05/3/2016


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Rene Ficek, registered dietitian nutritionist. Reading and understanding nutrition claims, doesn’t require a degree in nutrition, but it does require you to look beyond those fancy claims on the front of food packaging.

Label to Watch #1: Beware of “Natural”

The first misleading term that we see quite often is “natural.” “Natural” is not a word regulated by the FDA, and food manufacturers use it to claim that the items in their product were a natural food source. That does not mean that natural foods are low in salt, low in fat or even low in sugar. “Natural” does equate to healthy.

Label to Watch #2: Stay Away from “Made with Real Fruits”

The next term we have is “made with real fruit,” or “made with real fruit juice.” Often times you’ll see this on kid’s fruit snacks, and that does not mean that those fruit snacks are healthy, it does not mean that they are made without high fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors or colorings. So you’ll want to look deeper into that and make sure that those fruit snacks do not contain any of those artificial flavors, colorings or ingredients.

Label to Watch #3: Steer Clear of “No Trans Fat”

The next term that we have is “no trans fat.” We would assume that “no trans fat” means “no trans fat,” however, food producers are allowed to put half a gram per serving into their items, which means that there is trans fat in their products, they are just able to hide it a little bit better. So what you want to look for on that nutritional label, or rather the ingredient label, is the word “hydrogenated.” Hydrogenated means trans fat.

So look a little closer, and I hope some of these tips help separate fact from fiction.

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