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March is National Kidney Month

Posted on 03/1/2018


Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rene Ficek, registered dietician nutritionist. 

March is National Kidney month and did you know that 26 million Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease? If you do not have it, it is important to maintain a general healthy diet to prevent it. However, if you do have kidney disease, there are some kidney super foods that you should be including in your diet regularly.


First and foremost, fluids. Drink enough water, at least six to eight glasses per day, which is the absolute best type of cleanser for your body and kidneys. Don't forget to add some cranberry juice too. Just make sure it's 100% juice and void of a lot of added sugar.


Grapefruits are low in both, potassium and sugar, and they're a great source of vitamin C which is an excellent nutrient for your kidneys.


Mushrooms are high in Vitamin D, which is great because Vitamin D helps to regulate kidney function.

Avoid High Protein Diets

As a side note, it's important to avoid high protein diets, specifically protein from meat sources if you do have kidney disease.

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