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Healthy Eating Beauty Hacks

Posted on 06/6/2016


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Rene Ficek, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Both health and skin care are important from the outside, but even more important from the inside.

Learn to Love Lentils for Healthy Hair

Our first beauty tip is to learn to love lentils for healthy hair. They are a great vegetarian source of iron rich protein. Iron, which is critical to make blood cells, and protein, which is necessary for cell growth, are both essential for healthy hair.

Learn to Love Those Leafy Greens

Second, we’re going to give you one more reason to love those leafy greens. They’re rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which free the body of those skin damaging free radicals.

Don’t Fear Fat

And our number one tip is to not fear fat. Healthy fats provide anti-inflammatory protection and youth preserving antioxidants, so be sure to include fish, nuts (specifically walnuts) and olive oil regularly.

And always keep in mind that supplements will not always get to the root of the problem. Instead, make sure you eat a wide variety of foods, eat balanced meals, and include these foods on a regular basis.

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