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Alcohol Awareness Month

Posted on 04/5/2018


Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rene Ficek, registered dietician nutritionist. 

Alcohol, even in moderation provides empty calories and no nutritional value making it not your best option to drink. Other effects of alcohol that you may not know about include upping your chances of breast cancer if you are a woman, upping you chances for mouth, esophageal and throat cancers, and alcohol can damage your heart and cause heart disease, and weaken your immune system. So, as an alternative you may opt to reach for these delicious and healthier alternatives.

Sparkling Water

There are so many to chose from now, and some unique flavors. It's definitely my beverage of choice.


The health benefits of tea are numerous, and there are so many varieties to sample, and it comes in regular and decaf, so the options are practically endless.

Fruit Juice & Water

Real fruit juice and water blend for a vitamin boosted water the natural way, without any added sugars, and of course there's no escaping the good old H2O which is really all your body needs for optimal health.

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