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3 Healthy On-The-Go Snacks

Posted on 08/7/2018


-Video Transcript-

Hi, I'm Rene Ficek, registered dietitian nutritionist.

Back to school season is right around the corner, and when we get bogged down with those day-to-day demands of work, school, or baseball practice and dance recitals, often times healthy eating is compromised.

That's why healthy snacking is key. Snacking can be your friend or foe, so you have to be careful but these snacks meet the never-ending demands of a busy life.

Energy & Granola Bars:

First we have energy and granola bars, and these really can fit anywhere on the health spectrum. So look at the ingredients and aim for minimally processed ingredients and mostly that are nuts and fruits.


Next we have parfaits. In a to-go container, layer some yogurt of kefir with some fresh fruit and then top that with granola.

Snack Bags:

And lastly, we have snack bags. Put together some ready-to-eat cereal, dried fruit and nuts in a sandwich bag for the perfect on-the-go snack. These can also be helpful with calorie and portion control.

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