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3 Foods for a Brighter and Healthier Smile

Posted on 10/4/2018

-Video Transcript-

Hi, I'm Rene Ficek, registered dietitian nutritionist.

It is the biggest candy holiday of the year, so let's think about giving your teeth and waistline a break by eating these 3 foods that actually promote healthier smiles and better gums instead. 


First, we have pineapple. The enzyme bromelain in pineapple acts as a natural stain remover, because of it's ability to break up plaque.

Cheese, Milk and Yogurt

And next we have cheese, milk and yogurt. Minerals like calcium and phosphorus actually promote the remineralization of tooth enamel, which can help teeth appear more sparkly and keep them cavity free.


And lastly we have ginger. Although it is kind of scary looking, the anti-inflammatory qualities of ginger help to support healthy mouth tissue. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease, which causes the loss of bone and connective tissue in the mouth. But drinking ginger tea or adding ground ginger to savory dishes actually helps promote these anti-inflammatory properties.

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