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Vigorous and Fulfilling

Posted on 01/23/2009

Sometimes when I’m in the midst of a six hour round trip so I can make a twenty-minute speech, with my mind’s ear I hear Kelly’s voice urging me to take it easy.  He wants to spend more time with me, and I’m glad.  It also makes me happy that he supports my traveling, speaking and media appearances.  We both know it’s not glamorous…it’s just work, part of my mission to help people eat healthy, shed pounds, and protect their weight loss.

I’m 77 years old and that age—like all the rest—is just a man-made number.  I’m chock full of energy and determined to keep going.  A vigorous life is a fulfilling life.
              *    *    *    *    *
At the present time, a number of problems need my attention.  There’s always something.  Primarily, I’m trying to find ways to spread the Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating message.  Very high on my agenda, also, is trying to find ways that more people can afford our meals.  Goodness, we’re doing the best we can to keep the price down, and that’s a promise.  But we have to charge enough to pay the bills, because otherwise we won’t stay in business, and if we don’t stay in business, no one will benefit from our meals.

Many customers tell me that they actually save money by eating our meals, compared to a week of their regular habits, including eating out, buying junk and fast food, and groceries.  We’re less expensive, not more.

Plenty of people are purchasing our meals and I know we’re helping them, because we receive calls, letters, testimonials.  And I guess I could be content with that.  But then I get a letter like this:

“I have debated starting this program and have been in contact with a representative; however, this program is very expensive. I have tried many programs, lost weight and regained, now I am Hypertensive, have Type 2 Diabetes and am a 100 lbs over weight. I feel the only option left for me is to have one of the Gastric Bypass surgical procedures.”

Oh my goodness.  Her reasoning apparently is that the insurance company will pay for the gastric bypass, which is dangerous, iffy, and frequently doesn’t work.   My heart goes out to her and I won’t stop trying to convince insurance companies that it’s better all around for them to help pay for Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, so that people like this reader can lose weight, eat healthy, and learn how to eat right.  Yes, we don’t just provide meals, we teach by example.   

I have asked my daughter, Paula, to contact the woman quoted above.  Hopefully, she can help.  Paula’s number, by the way, is 817.689.0265.  In case you have a question.
              *    *    *    *    *
And another reason I keep going is because of comments like this:

“My 48-year old son was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with liver involvement approximately 2 weeks ago .. not operable ... he begins chemo tomorrow ... the pancreatic cancer has also made him diabetic.  I am at a loss as to how to feed him to keep him healthy for the chemo and at the same time keep the diabetes under control.  Help.  Will your food be the answer until I can learn to cook for him? He was started on insulin 1 week ago.”

As a nurse, I believe the answer is yes.  Paula is also a nurse and, once again, I am asking her to contact this reader, provide useful information, and answer questions.  My prayers are with you, dear.  And that’s a fact.
              *    *    *    *    *
My heart is touched by so many comments that people leave on this site.  I pay careful attention to the issues that are raised and the questions that are asked.   Please don’t hesitate to comment.

If you would like me to speak to a group to which you belong, please contact April Stevens at 630.946.6671.  Believe me, I’ll try to make the schedule work.  Together, we can spread the message about how Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating is a very effective antidote for the current obesity epidemic.

By the way, my appearance on WGN-TV (nationwide) is scheduled for approximately 12:30 p.m. on Thursday,  Jan. 29.  Be sure and watch.


Seattle Sutton, BSN, RN

She made healthy eating her mission in life long before anyone else did, in hopes of helping her own obese father. A registered nurse by training and entrepreneur at heart, she lives, eats and breathes everything about healthy eating and helping to improve people’s eating habits and overall health. She enjoys never having to bother with grocery shopping, cooking and counting calories. Her favorite SSHE meal, although it’s hard to pick just one, is the Potato Gnocchi with Basil Pesto Sauce.

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