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Twelve Deadly Teaspoons

Posted on 01/27/2009

My daughter Ruth’s husband Dave recently played a round of golf at a Florida country club before sitting down for a meal in the clubhouse.  Imagine his surprise when he overheard the people at the next table—whom he did not know—talking about Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating.  Naturally—especially if you know how gregarious Dave is—he joined the conversation.   Dave is a football coach and when he’s in his friendly manner, we like to call him Coach Dave.

The people at the next table had heard of us, but had no solid information.  All Coach Dave had was one of his wife’s business cards.  He gave them our website address and vowed that—from now on—he’d stuff his golf bag with Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating brochures.
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Just a reminder that I’m going to be on WGN Television—nationally—on Jan. 29, at approximately 12:30.  Please watch and tell your friends, especially those that you believe would benefit from Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating.
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Did you see the media stories about research which found traces of the toxic metal mercury in high fructose corn syrup?  As you probably know, Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating doesn’t use high fructose corn syrup.  We have banned it because it isn’t healthy eating.  Now it turns out that it also may contain small amounts of mercury, which is very bad to ingest, and poisonous if the dose is sufficient.

Mercury, in fact, has been linked to learning disabilities and heart disease.   It finds its way into high fructose corn syrup during the manufacturing process.  The average American consumes 12 teaspoons of high fructose corn syrup daily.  

Think about that!  Twelve teaspoons of something that’s bad for you even if the mercury research turns out to be wrong.  

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 5.5 micrograms a day of mercury is the absolute safety limit.  But the average intake of corn syrup with the level of mercury indicated in this new study would result in the consumption of five times that amount every day!

Goodness, why eat to get sick when you have the option of choosing Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating?
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Received this comment:  “Hello, I have recently started your program and am very satisfied.  I was wondering if you have a program in place to start weaning off the purchased food after I have lost weight?”

Hello and welcome.  I am happy you are enjoying our program.  In order to maintain a healthy weight once you have succeeded with us, be aware of the Seattle Sutton portions that you are eating now.  Remember this wisdom: weight is determined by the number of calories in versus the number of calories out.  When the former is more than the latter, weight goes down.  When the opposite is true, weight goes up.  

Continue to weigh yourself every Monday morning, because if you do, you’ll be more encouraged to make healthy choices all weekend.  If you find your weight is creeping up, eat less, be more active, or simply order one week of Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating from time to time.  Keep drinking plenty of water.  Limit eating out at restaurants, and when you do, order carefully and bring half of your meal home for another time.

I know you can do it!


Seattle Sutton, BSN, RN

She made healthy eating her mission in life long before anyone else did, in hopes of helping her own obese father. A registered nurse by training and entrepreneur at heart, she lives, eats and breathes everything about healthy eating and helping to improve people’s eating habits and overall health. She enjoys never having to bother with grocery shopping, cooking and counting calories. Her favorite SSHE meal, although it’s hard to pick just one, is the Potato Gnocchi with Basil Pesto Sauce.

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