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Paula's Trip to New York

Posted on 08/1/2013

I'm handing over "the pen" to this blog to my oldest daughter, Paula, who is our medical resources director here at Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating. She can help anyone understand how our meal plan can help with their medical condition and/or disease. Paula recently had the opportunity to travel to New York City to meet with editors for a variety of publications, along with our staff registered dietitian, Rene Ficek.


Paula found the trip to be a wonderful experience to share all her knowledge about our freshly prepared, healthy meal plan. Here's Paula's own thoughts about the trip, I hope you enjoy!


* * *


Oh boy, where do I start? Last week was a blur. I almost didn't make it out of Dallas and when I did, low and behold, we were diverted to another airport and sat for hours on the plane. However, it was a great chance to chat up my seatmates about SSHE! I never miss an opportunity to talk about the plan. I love it and believe in it 110%. I guess you can say…the apple does not fall far from the tree. Yes, I even pass out brochures and menus...never know who I may run into and who may need our help. Our plan is ideal for anyone 2 to 102 and beyond!


Anyway, back to New York...I was heading there to meet with editors like my mom said. We had meetings set up for us with editors from Readers Digest, iVillage, Prevention, Everyday Health, WEtv.com, Diabetes Forecast and Meredith Publishing (magazines include Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Midwest Living, Parents, among others) to talk about SSHE, answer questions and provide samples of our meals. From start to finish, each one was wonderful. Such probing questions, great feedback and overall interest in our healthy meal plan. I loved every second of it.


It was so easy to discuss with the editors our plan, because we both are so proud of it and know how the plan meets the needs of so many people.  We also know how nutritionally balanced the plan is and unlike so many others out there who do not offer what we offer…fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and crisp salads!


Explaining convenience of the plan, showing off our freshly prepared meals…that was all so much fun!  Also, all the editors asked about contracts.  We were so proud to say we do not have contracts; our plan is a week-to-week program with no hidden fees.  I think they found the ease of use to be refreshing and so uncomplicated.  That’s why we do it that way, after all, to make it easy on our customers.


We also enjoyed pointing out the benefits of our plan, because it makes us so much  different…freshly prepared, sodium-restricted, low fat and low cholesterol.   Not to mention we do not serve high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, harmful artificial preservatives or additives and trans fat.


All in all, it was a wonderful trip where we were able to meet some terrific people who were truly interested in our meal plan and wanted to know more for their readers. I’m so happy to have provided them useful information and hopefully provided them another choice when discussing healthy eating.   


Paula Heaton, BSN, RN

A registered nurse for nearly 30 years in Dallas-area hospitals before joining her family business (she’s Seattle’s oldest daughter) 8 years ago. Her personal interests in diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease was sparked by her work with the elderly. Her specialized training to do home hemodialysis for her belated father-in-law helped her greatly for those with kidney disease.  She loves knowing SSHE meals enable seniors to remain independent. Her personal favorite meal, although she has many, is the Tex-Mex Fish Taco.

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