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Local Wellness Program

Posted on 01/7/2015

I am pleased to announce our local supervised weight loss and wellness program with a free, informational meeting at our company headquarters located at 611 E. Stevenson Road in Ottawa on January 19, 2015 at 4 PM.

The weight loss program will be lead by me, a local registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. I will teach and support the group through a 10-week wellness program. Each week, a new topic will be covered, including subject such as myths and facts, weight loss maintenance, physical activity, fats and the ABCs of changing behavior, to name a few.

Our 10-week program is designed to help people jump start weight loss, while teaching successful tools to keep it off for good. It’s about making a positive, healthy lifestyle change long-term, not a fad diet.

The program at a glance:

  • 10-week weight loss and wellness program
  • Program runs from January 26th to March 30th
  • Attend weekly informational meetings
  • Weigh in weekly, once per week
  • Consume Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating meals
  • Receive support and guidance from nutrition professional
  • Learn tools to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes
  • Cost, no additional fees aside from SSHE meals starting at $108 plus tax (depending on calorie portion)

Ottawa-area residents interested in the program should contact Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating at 1-800-442-DIET (3438) to learn more or to register for the wellness program


Rene Ficek, RDN, CDE

Grew up in the food industry and took that love of healthy eating to earn her degree in nutrition. She has worked as a registered dietitian for 6 years and has been with SSHE since 2013, providing nutrition analysis and meal planning. Her special interests in weight management and diabetes, helps patients manage their weight and health conditions. She enjoys an active lifestyle, as well as time in the kitchen. Rene’s favorite SSHE meal is the Thai Noodle Salad.


Julie Myers

March 2, 2015 10:39

I have always thought that wellness programs were really helpful. My friend was actually just telling me that her office is starting a wellness program. She said that they are all really excited about it, and it sounds like a fantastic idea to me. I would love to get a wellness program going at my office, because then I would be able to lose weight, and I'm sure my fellow workers would be able to as well! http://www.figureweightloss.com/corporate-wellness

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