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“Life’s Simple 7 ™”

Posted on 02/25/2014

I couldn’t let February pass without mentioning one more time the importance of heart health. Since we here at Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating provide heart-healthy meals, I thought it was important to share tips with you to help you create heart healthy habits year ‘round.   

Instead of recreating the wheel, I thought it was best to go to the experts on heart health…The American Heart Association. They have a list called “Life’s Simple 7  ™ .” This list is what we all should strive to live by for improved heart health.  

1. Get active

2. Control cholesterol

3. Eat better

4. Manage blood pressure

5. Lose weight

6. Reduce blood sugar

7. Stop smoking  

For more heart-health information, as well as the complete “Life’s Simple 7  ™ ,” visit heart.org.  

* * *

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Seattle Sutton, BSN, RN

She made healthy eating her mission in life long before anyone else did, in hopes of helping her own obese father. A registered nurse by training and entrepreneur at heart, she lives, eats and breathes everything about healthy eating and helping to improve people’s eating habits and overall health. She enjoys never having to bother with grocery shopping, cooking and counting calories. Her favorite SSHE meal, although it’s hard to pick just one, is the Potato Gnocchi with Basil Pesto Sauce.

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