For Your Valentine

For your valentine you could spend money on long-stem roses, only to have them die in a few days. Give your loved ones a box of chocolates, only to beget unwanted weight gain. Or, you could do out to dinner and consume enough calories to fill a day's calorie allotment.

I have an even better idea! 

Give your loved one the gift of good health with a gift certificate for Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating meals. Certificates start at $25 and go up from there. They can choose how they would like to spend it – towards a full week of meals, a partial week of meals; and when they want to be on their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy food for Valentine’s Day? Yes, what a better way to say, “I love you!” than our freshly prepared meals lovingly made to ensure optimal health.

It is a welcomed gift, and I should know, I hear from people all the time about how pleased they are to receive our gift certificates as gifts.

Good health is more valued than any prized possessions and certainly better than flowers, candy or a dinner out.

My late husband, Kelly, used to bring me a dozen red radishes each Valentine’s Day and they were so well received. I loved receiving them each and every year instead of red roses!

You don’t need to go with the typical box of candy or roses, Call 1-800-442-3438 or go to our gift certificate page and order your Valentine their SSHE gift certificate today.

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