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Cubs and White Sox

Posted on 06/24/2008

   Kelly tells me the Chicago Cubs are the best team in baseball this year.  He says it’s their one hundred year rally.  Some of my friends like the White Sox.  They are saying, “Wait ‘till this next weekend!”  Baseball is a nice sport.  I especially like Ron Santo.  He and I made a new commercial together recently.  It’s one of my all-time favorites.  Hope you like it.
    *    *    *    *    *
   Once our customers reach their weight loss goal, we hope we have helped them understand the importance of portion control (including dessert portions).

   When people remember to eat portions the size we serve, they typically do not re-gain their weight.  

   After reaching your goal, continue to weigh yourself once a week.  If you find “portion distortion” sneaking unwanted pounds onto those scales, you can simply order a week of Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating to help you get back on track.  Since we have no contracts, it’s easy to order just one week.

   Remember…focus on portion control.  I heard someone say, “Calories in versus calories out…that’s how weight is determined.”   Oh yes, that was me.  It may be tedious to be repetitive, but a useful truth is worth repeating, so I willingly take the risk.
    *    *    *    *    *
   Thought you might be interested to know that Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating meals are prepared in our kitchen, which is USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) approved.

   The USDA only approves meals that are under their guidelines—meat, chicken, poultry, etc.—but our entire plant is approved by USDA, which is why when we build or add to it, we receive their approval first.   
    *    *    *    *    *
   Remember…when you’re eating Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, you may use any spices in your cabinet…as long as they do not contain salt.
    *    *    *    *    *
   Paula and Sarah are in the midst of organizing our support group for people who begin our program weighing 400 plus pounds.  Paula came up with the name:  The Big Winners.

   Very good, Paula.  If anyone is interesting in becoming a Big Winner, and helping others to do the same, give Paula a call at 817.689.0265.
    *    *    *    *    *
   Speaking of winners, I’d like to congratulate Brian Hindenburg, who has lost one hundred pounds in nine months.  He writes:

   “One comment I hear is that ‘It must be so hard to do what you’re doing.’  I shrug, blink, and say, “I just eat what they serve me.  How hard is that?  It isn’t.’  And it really isn’t.

   “Surrendering the need to control everything that went into my mouth—and leaving that responsibility to someone who knows best how to manage that—has been easier than how I was living before, not harder.

   “In an era where success in business seems predicated constantly on being cheaper, bigger, and faster—thanks for running a business that fills its niche so well without succumbing to pressure to sacrifice quality.  I brag about the quality of the food I receive…and my friends and family brag about me.

   “I love being ‘less of a man’ than I used to be.  Thank you.”


Seattle Sutton, BSN, RN

She made healthy eating her mission in life long before anyone else did, in hopes of helping her own obese father. A registered nurse by training and entrepreneur at heart, she lives, eats and breathes everything about healthy eating and helping to improve people’s eating habits and overall health. She enjoys never having to bother with grocery shopping, cooking and counting calories. Her favorite SSHE meal, although it’s hard to pick just one, is the Potato Gnocchi with Basil Pesto Sauce.

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