Coca-Cola Blaming Obesity and Diabetes on Lack of Exercise

In my 83 years I believe I’ve had the opportunity to experience a great deal, and to hear even more. But, now I really think I have heard it all!

Recently, Coca-Cola claimed that type II diabetes, obesity, and a slew of other diseases that are typically associated with obesity are actually not brought on by consuming too many calories rather from the lack of exercise. Really?

I suppose sound medical science is not being considered in this assertion by Coca-Cola. How could it be? 

Irresponsible Science

I am dumbfounded that this company is stating this and trying to misplace blame and not accept responsibility. It also is making a bold statement in that exercise is the ‘cure all’ for consuming too many calories (like those in their soda pop). Sure, people are not forced to drink their products but they do in fact make, market and distribute these products worldwide. With slouching sales here, they have been even more aggressive with overseas markets.

The soda giant has even created a nonprofit to push its ‘exercise agenda.’ It donated $1.5 million last year to start the organization. The group is called the Global Energy Balance Network. Its sole mission is to push exercise rather than balanced diet to solve the obesity problem.

Shifting the Blame

So, that leads me a company, like Coca-Cola, responsible for people’s actions once it gets the product into the marketplace? Or, how they get it to the marketplace and how they market to the public? We saw more and more responsibility on tobacco companies when the connection of smoking and cancer was made. I wonder if we’ll eventually see this shift of blame on companies like Coca-Cola for their role in the obesity epidemic. I feel the correlation was made and that is perhaps the reason for all this exercise non-sense.

Many people are going to say that it’s not a company’s fault and our capitalistic society would negate such blame. But, to not take any part or role in it is short sided at best. It also suggests that by a ‘shift of hand’ they are trying to bump up sluggish sales that have permeated the soft drink industry for the last several years due to the connection of consuming too many empty calories of added sugar as found in soda.

Pepsi Reformulates Ingredients

Look at Pepsi, they just announced reformulating their Diet Pepsi to no longer use aspartame as its artificial sweetener of choice. This is also in hopes of bringing back consumers spooked by those questionable artificial ingredients. Only time will tell if this change will work in their favor. But it does show that Pepsi is running scared and trying every tactic in the book to boost sales. Artificial is still artificial, so no matter what even a new and improved Diet Pepsi will still not be a good, healthy choice.

What do you think? Should companies like Coca-Cola be held responsible for its products? What about taxation of these products at a higher rate for companies that manufacture them to help cover the cost to treat obese patients? Or, taxing the consumers, as some places around the country are already doing? Does this help or hinder? I’d love to hear your thoughts here, leave me a comment.

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