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What a Year!

Posted on 12/14/2010

This year has certainly been a year worth celebrating! As a company we have many things to celebrate. And, as a result, we Suttons have several things to be grateful for. As we head into the holidays and soon the New Year, I thought Id share with you our highs for 2010 and look forward to 2011.

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Felt I knew him for a long time

Posted on 12/7/2010

December 3rd was a sad day for me, millions of people in Chicago, the Cubs organization, his family and the country for that matter... my dear friend, Ron Santo passed away at the young age of 70 from bladder cancer. He put up a good fight and eventually that awful disease got the best of him.

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Ahead of the Curve

Posted on 11/30/2010

For twenty-five years and counting, we here at Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating have been providing calorie and portion controlled meals. I guess one can say that I was ahead of the curve on this idea!

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Seven Simple Steps

Posted on 11/23/2010

A few days ago, the American Heart Association reported seven simple steps -- goals really that -- one can take to help reduce cardiovascular disease. I thought they were so good that I had to share them with you, dear readers!

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Our diets hold the answer

Posted on 11/16/2010

Our diets hold the answer. I couldn't have said it any better myself! Ive been thinking (and saying) this for a very, very long time and apparently Im not the only one out there thinking it. It is reaffirming to me to hear it from such a respectable source that diets are the underlying problem to our current health situation with diabetes.

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Posted on 11/9/2010

Pre-diabetes, adult-onset diabetes, metabolic syndrome, syndrome X, insulin resistant, or type II diabetes different names, but essentially all the same cause is at the root of them all being overweight or obese has the greatest impact on developing all of these diseases. These diseases are very serious and often have grave consequences.

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Candy Overload?

Posted on 11/2/2010

Halloween has once again come and gone. Kids traipse from house to house in search of treats, taunting the homeowners to tricks if they dont provide them. This annual rite of passage for children brings what I call candy overload.

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One in Three by 2050

Posted on 10/26/2010

By 2050, 1 in 3 U.S. adults could have diabetes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Currently 1 in 10 have diabetes, but those rates are expected to increase three-fold if the current trends continue. These statistics do not include children. That population is also growing each and every year, also at an alarming pace.

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Eat to live...not live to eat!

Posted on 10/19/2010

So many of us live to eat and dont eat to live! We should eat to nourish our bodies. Look around sometime and you will see it for yourself. The obesity statistics dont lie. We have a serious problem in this country and now its plaguing countries near and afar around the world.

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Stamping out sugary drinks

Posted on 10/12/2010

Late last week, news broke that New York City is once again at the forefront of fighting obesity. This time around, they are targeting sodas, teas, sports drinks and any other sugar-sweetened beverages from being purchased in the big apple with food stamps.

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