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Your Better Self

Posted on 12/30/2008

Oh my goodness, another year! So fast! Well, that’s the thing about time. It can go too fast or too slow. Which do you prefer? Time is our most precious commodity and if it goes fast, are we spending it too quickly? On the other hand, if it crawls along, like a high school algebra class, is that better? No, I don’t think so. There’s a word for such an occurrence. Boredom! So on the whole, I prefer quick time, because it delivers a superior quality of life.

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Bonfires of Antiquity

Posted on 12/23/2008

The winter solstice has been the focus of religious celebrations for thousands of years. Goodness, our displays of Christmas lights have their origin in the bonfires of antiquity, when people burned wood to induce the sun not to disappear and the light to remain a part of their lives.

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Two Thousand Babies

Posted on 12/19/2008

This week Kelly and I had fun at the annual holiday party thrown by Gene Carlson, who owns Schott’s Pharmacy in our home town of Marseilles. We enjoy Gene’s company and have an enduring relationship with him, with Kelly being the town’s doctor for so long, and Schott’s being the main pharmacy in town.

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We Call Them Cooks

Posted on 12/16/2008

Later this week, Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating is having a holiday party for all our employees. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. Sure, as often as possible, I am in our kitchens, glad to give a few words of thanks and encouragement. That’s nice. I’m so grateful for the quality of their work. Also, I see many during the course of carrying out my duties at headquarters.

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Oprah, Don't Be Discouraged

Posted on 12/12/2008

A major change in my life—and most likely yours, friend readers—is the attention I now pay to emails. Twenty-three years ago, when Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating began, I had never sent or received an email. Phone calls, faxes, and actual letters delivered by the post office were the main methods of communication. And it all seemed fine—the way things were.

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Independent and Interdependent

Posted on 12/9/2008

Looking back on our parenthood, Kelly and I relish the teenage years of our five children. Oh, I know the conventional wisdom is that teenagers are difficult. True, the post-puberty era is an adjustment, but it’s not as if we didn’t know it was coming.

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Healthy and Happy

Posted on 12/5/2008

I’m feeling very good today because of a new study which confirms something I’ve believed all my life. Do you want your friends and family to be happy? Well, a study conducted by researchers at Harvard University found that you can influence the happiness of others by being happy yourself.

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A Moment of Joyous Fellowship

Posted on 12/2/2008

One of my friends called recently to tell me he was giving copies of my book (“The Seattle Sutton Solution”) to several of his friends. “Two of them are overweight, but they all can benefit from your program,” Cliff said. “Plus I think it’s important that they get a chance to see the world through your eyes.”

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Not So Bad, Is It?

Posted on 11/28/2008

In this modern world, having a family gather in one place for a major holiday is very difficult. The winds of modern progress carry sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, to widely varied destinations, sometimes thousands of miles divergent.

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Sorry we don't write good

Posted on 11/25/2008

Here is a very strange and very true story about my daughter Ruth, who recently had her purse stolen while on a trip far away from home. If you recall, I told you that a thief cut her purse strings, grabbed the purse, and ran away into a crowd.

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