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Business Opportunities

Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating (SSHE) offers a very unique and rewarding business opportunity for individuals who want the freedom of being self-employed. As a retailer for the SSHE kitchen in your area, you will be responsible for taking your clients' weekly orders and coordinating their pick-up/delivery. You must be located near a production plant and in an area where retail stores are an option.

Here are some of the benefits of being a SSHE retailer.

Low Investment

The initial investment for being a SSHE retailer is minimal. All you need is 250 sq. feet of commercial (retail or office) space, a beverage cooler, telephone, and a vehicle for making deliveries. We do not require start-up fees or dues.

No Inventory

Unlike other product distribution programs, SSHE does not require you to place a minimum order. Instead, you only order the number of meals you need each week. In addition, we do not require a pre-payment for the meals you order - you pay SSHE when they are delivered to you.

No Experience

You do not need culinary or restaurant management experience. SSHE does all the menu planning, cooking and preparation. All you need to do is order your client's meals and be available for pick-up/delivery.


The people you order the meals for are your clients. Although they may be referred to you by SSHE, you are completely responsible for ordering their meals and ensuring delivery/pick-up. You do not work for SSHE, you work for your clients.


SSHE supports you with training, sales, promotion and marketing assistance.

For more information about becoming a part of the SSHE family, please email us or fill out the form below.

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