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Vegetarian 1500 Calorie Nutritional Analysis

1,500 Calorie Portion
Calories 1,510 
Total Fat 38 g
Protein 77 g     Saturated Fat 11 g
Total Carbohydrates 215 g     Trans Fat 0 g
    Sugar 91 g Cholesterol
75 mg
    Dietary Fiber 25 g

Calories from Fat 24%    
Calories from Carbohydrates 56%    
Calories from Protein 20%

Vitamins & Minerals
Vitamin A 9,286 IU
Sodium 1,920 mg
Vitamin C 111 mg Iron  11 mg

Calcium 1511 mg

The American Heart Association's daily recommendations:
30% or less of total calories from fat, 7% or less total calories from saturated fat, 300 mg. or less of cholesterol & less than 1% of calories from trans fat.

"We serve healthy, delicious, and freshly prepared meals. Though they are primarily made from fresh foods, we also use ingredients which come to us from suppliers after being quick-frozen, processed, or dried. Examples of the first category include juices (e.g., juice from frozen concentrate) chicken breasts and cod. Examples of the second category include salad dressings and dips. Examples of the third category include raisins and dried cranberries. Of course, every one of our meals is carefully selected and prepared as part of a menu that rigorously follows the findings of nutritional science."

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